Resource Library Access

A crucial part of the developing of business ideas is proper market research and analysis. To do this, startups primarily rely on free databases and reports from the internet, which often do not provide up-to-date data and thus limit a startups ability to conduct thorough research on their industries of interest. Thus, VentureUP will purchase subscriptions of several licenses for use of international publications and databases. Subscriptions to publications may include: Harvard Business Review (HBR), IBISWorld, S&P Global Intelligence, Bloomberg Magazine, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, WIRED Magazine, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) and other specific resource databases that are proven valuable to the development of startups similar to those at VentureUP.

Initially, to optimize cost and ease of use, access to these e-resources will be provided on several in-house Venture UP computers, and will not be accessible for personal use outside the incubator.

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