What is the Experiential Learning program?

Experiential Learning program is a program that VentureUP offers to University of Prishtina students the purpose of which is to provide specific-skill training, that UP curricula currently lacks, to non-entrepreneurial students.

Experiential Learning offers a unique opportunity for all University of Prishtina students to utilize all available resources to further develop themselves, their experiences, and their ideas.The University of Prishtina counts more than 50,000 enrolled students in all faculties and departments and represents a large pool of potentially mobile youth. Additionally, we understand that parallel to the need for entrepreneurship support, there is a need for the improvement of employability of UP students who do not aspire to become entrepreneurs.

What types of trainings are offered in this program?

Experiential Learning program offers a variety of different trainings such as Marketing & Sales, Accounting & Finance, Soft Skills, Graphic Design, Business Plan, Social Media Management and other Tech based training like Python and  Web Development.

Another big part of the Experiential Learning program is also our speaker series events, where we invite local entrepreneurs to share their experience on how they have become successful entrepreneurs. Some of the speakers we have hosted are: Donjeta Sahatciu, Ardian Hoxha, Robert Ejupi, Labinot Demi, Blerta Thaqi and Rina Malesori.

Who is eligible to enter there trainings?

To be eligible for our free trainings,you have to be a student of the University of Prishtina. We also accept alumni.

In order to apply you have to fill out our sign up form which is sent out around a week before the workshop takes place. So, be sure to follow our social media accounts to not miss any of these amazing workshops taught by experienced trainers.

How much do these trainings cost?

The trainings offered at VentureUP are free for all UP students. This amazing opportunity is given to the University of Prishtina students through the project “VentureUP- University of Prishtina Venture Incubator” financed by the European Union in Kosovo.


How long do the trainings last?

The duration of the trainings vary on the type of training. Most trainings last about 5 days, from Monday to Friday. However, there are some trainings which last for 8 or even 10 days. Some of these trainings may be in tech related fields, such as Python, Web Development or Technical Project Management.

What are speaker series events?

Speaker series events are part of our Experiential Learning program, where we invite successful local entrepreneurs to share their experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs and hopefully inspire and motivate them into action. These monthly events are free and are not restricted to UP students only, so everyone is welcome.


If you would like to be part of any of these events, make sure you follow our social media platforms to stay updated and confirm your participation, since seats are limited.