Social Impact Program

VentureUP’s Social Impact program is comprised of three main components of activities: A) Social Innovation, B) Community Development & Sustainability, and C) Fundraising. Through these activities, thousands of students at the University of Prishtina will have the opportunity to be part of different professional and nonprofessional groups and organizations, learn leadership skills, organize and advocate about different causes, learn and have the opportunity to conceive their own social ventures etc.

Social Innovation


VentureUP will initiate a launch campaign to promote the opportunity for Incubation of up to two (2) social enterprise teams for a period of four (4) months. We will issue a call for applications. This call for applications will have no deadline for submissions and admission into the incubator will be on a rolling-basis to stimulate a continuous interest of UP students in VentureUP activities.

VentureUP and a group of field experts pooled by VentureUP will continuously assess applications from students, and admission will be granted upon review of written applications as well as interviews with student entrepreneurs. This panel will be judging applicants based on the potential of their idea in the following areas: sustainability, cost, reasonability, creativity, effect on employment, and social impact.

Community Development And Sustainability

Community development is a broad concept that requires long-term commitment from students, UP management and supported by VentureUP.

Student Organizations And Clubs

VentureUP will foster and assist with the creation of Student Professional Clubs and Organizations at UP such as: Students for Pupils; Family Corner; UP Image; Care to Share; Debate Clubs; Finance Club; Arts Club; Craft Studio; International Students Center; Information Center; UP LGBTQ Center; UP Social Cafe; UP Women’s Center; UP Nightlife; Sports Clubs; Green Clubs, etc.

A call for applications will be issued. The call will have no deadline for submissions, and together with a team of faculty members and students, VentureUP will coordinate the selection process and evaluate ideas, as well as assisting with the paperwork towards the establishment of such entities.

Social Impact Competitions

 VentureUP aims to give students vital presentation skills and practical knowledge that will enable them to be part of a competing environment on campus and join the workforce after they finish their studies at UP. Through organizing different competitions such as Volunteer of the Year Most Active Organization, Best UP Activity, or other specific competitions in different areas, VentureUP will teach them valuable lessons and skills that will provide students with presentation and analytical skills needed to excel in various disciplines and that go well beyond the classroom.

Outreach And Awareness Raising Events

The aforementioned events will be held regularly and focus on both UP student entrepreneurs and their non-entrepreneurial counterparts, with the aim of developing valuable skills for students that will improve their employability in the job market, as well as community engagement and awareness on social issues. The activities to be conducted include but are not limited to:

  • Lectures
  • Debates
  • Meetups
  • Discussion Panels
  • Movie Nights
  • Presentations
  • Advocacy
  • Green Campus

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