What is the Social Impact program?

The Social Impact program strives to give students of the University of Prishtina the
opportunity to be part of different professional and nonprofessional groups and
organizations, learn leadership skills, organize and advocate about different causes,
learn and conceive their own social ventures.

What projects are part of this program?

As one of VentureUP’s Social Impact projects, The WomenUP Club is a virtual space
where students of the University of Prishtina can exchange ideas, organize meetings,
organize with old and new friends. VentureUP will help this group with all its capabilities.
We are currently organizing leadership trainings and presentations as well as hosting
film showings. Student ideas are welcome.

How can I join this program?

Currently, we do not have a sign-up form available for this program. For further
information and ways to join this project, please make sure you follow our social media