What is the Tech Transfer program?

The Tech Transfer program strives to help students of the University of Prishtina have more access to university labs and give them the opportunity to test their ideas.  Since these labs are being provided within the University of Pristina facilities, obtaining a patent will be of great value for the university as they will now officially be the leading supporters of Research and Development, a component most valued in other western universities.

What projects are part of this program? 

One of the projects which VentureUP is currently in the process of implementing is by giving access to a Resource Library. Thus, VentureUP will purchase subscriptions of several licenses for use of international publications and databases. Subscriptions to publications may include: Harvard Business Review (HBR), IBISWorld, S&P Global Intelligence, Bloomberg Magazine, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, WIRED Magazine, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) and other specific resource databases.

How can I join this program?

Currently, we do not have a sign-up form available for this program. For further information and ways to join this project, please make sure you follow our social media platforms.