Experiential Learning Program

Experiential Learning offers a unique opportunity for all University of Prishtina students to utilize all available resources to further develop themselves, their experiences, and their ideas. The University of Prishtina counts more than 50,000 enrolled students in all faculties and departments and represents a large pool of potentially mobile youth. Additionally, we understand that parallel to the need for entrepreneurship support, there is a need for the improvement of the employability of UP students who do not aspire to become entrepreneurs.

Thus, VentureUP designed and will implement specific skill training, which the UP curriculum currently lacks, to non-entrepreneurial students.

Workshops & Trainings

Venture UP will draw from a pool of experienced academic and professional experts in various fields, to prepare and implement introductory and advanced workshops. These workshops/trainings will include but are not limited to:

Soft Skills

As concluded by the USAID – Workforce Readiness Assessment (WRA) 2015, employers in Kosovo struggle with entry-level employees on simple skills sets such as business communication, teamwork, time and stress management, business ethics, resilience, etc. Therefore, Venture UP aims to offer workshops to UP students in the above-mentioned fields, to equip students with the necessary skills for entry-level employment and to tackle the issue employers report having.

Business Plan

Even non-entrepreneurial UP students can use business planning skills to become better employees and become active members in meetings at the workplace, as a result of introductory business planning skills acquired.

Marketing & Sales

Many of the job openings nowadays, as observed on Kosovar job searching platforms are in the Marketing and Sales domain. Thus, additional training on these topics will prove useful for UP graduates in their job search upon graduation.


Even though many UP students do not aim to become highly skilled tech professionals, an understanding of coding languages and other technological aspects of businesses will prove valuable as graduates better communicate with their tech-savvy counterparts at the workplace.

Social Media Management

Many job positions, especially those in Marketing & Sales, often require skills in social media management and public relations. Venture UP will provide workshops with experienced trainers in this domain, on how to plan, manage and implement promotions and outreach for companies on social media platforms.

Accounting & Finance

Regardless of student’s specific career ambitions, many entry-level jobs in Kosovo require handling money and managing the same. Thus, Venture UP will conduct several types of Accounting & Finance workshops tailored to the needs of students, such as Personal Finance, Basic Accounting, Investment Management, Entrepreneurial Finance, etc.

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