About us

VentureUP is the Entrepreneurship Center and official incubator of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, which serves as a bridge between education and the labor market for over 50,000 young Kosovars.

Our goal

Helping University of Prishtina students to become successful entrepreneurs by producing an increasing number of ventures every year.

Entrepreneur Profile

Univeristy of Prishtina student with an innovative idea but who doesn’t have the means to bring that idea to life.The focus is at the very beginning of a venture so that VentureUP can assist those young entrepreneurs right at the beginning in order to minimize the risk of failing in the future.

What we do

VentureUP provides business advisory support, office space,mentorship, workshops and training, networking, access to tangible and intangible resources, access to funding, as well as other value-added services such as intellectual property.

Our Impact

After graduating from our incubator, Univeristy of Prishtina student entrepreneurs achive these three goals :

  1. Transform their ideas into business
  2. Gain costumers
  3. Complete an MVP (minimum viable product)

Selection Process

An independent committe consisting of one V-UP staff, members of the board, and selected independent entreprebeurs will review and select the best proposal who will be invited some time later to pitch their ideas.

Three pillars

  1. Tech Startups
  2. Business Startups
  3. Social Startups


Our programs are categorized into four major components and multiple projects.

Venture Incubation Program

Incubation program includes the process of assesssing student startup ideas and housing them at our venture incubator.Besides providing with the space and computers, the incubation program also includes coaching by the VentureVP staff, mentoring by industry experts,…To read more, click here..

Experiential Learning Program

Experiential Learning Program offers an uniqe opportunity for all Univerisity of Prishtina students to utilize all the resources focusing on their personal development.Some of our workshops include:
Soft-skills,Business Plan,Marketing and Sales,Tech,Social Media Management… To read more, click here.

Social Impact Program

VentureUP’s Social Impact program is compromised of three main components of activities:

  1. Social Innovation
  2. Community Development & Sustainability
  3. Fundraising

We seek to inspire and motivate students to become…To read more, click here.

Research& Technology Development

University of Prishtina has over 15 laboratories from all faculties. These resources are being underutilized due to the lack of research and development projects. VentureUP aims at increasing the efficient use of research and development methods through… To read more, click here.



Fis Malesori was named CEO soon after he returned from the United States where he was pursuing an MBA degree with a focus on Investment Management at the University of Missouri.

Fis /CEO


Getoar Krasniqi is COO and oversees the implementation of all projects. He holds an MBA with a focus on Project Management from the Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Getoar / Head of Incubation Program


Donjeta Demolli is the Head of the Social Impact Program. She studied sociology at UP and Political Science at the University of Missouri. Donjeta enjoys reading about feminism, pop culture, & movies. Has a dog, and is a contributor at Sbunker.

Donjeta /Head of Social Impact Program


Ema Zeqiraj is our operations manager.She studies Management and Informatics @UP,and Management of Real Estate @ESLG.Ema enjoys reading,swimming and painting.

Ema / Operations Manager


Arbër is the Communications and Monitoring & Evaluation Director. He has studied Political Science at the University of Prishtina and Global Studies at Missouri State University. Arber enjoys reading philosophy and fiction.

Arbri / Communications and M&E


Urtina is the Project Coordinator @VentureUP. Urtina studies Marketing @UP. She enjoys spoken-word poetry, and math. Has played volleyball for 3 years in the Junior League of Kosova, and still plays in her free time.

Urtina /Project Coordinator


Liburn Fejza is an Intern @VentureUp. Liburn studies Marketing at the University of Prishtina. He is a fanatic of Social Media. Loves to travel, watch movies and talk about politics. An athletic spirit, with a big passion for football.

Liburni / Intern

Agon Gashi

Agon Gashi

Faton Berisha

Faton Berisha

Besnik Krasniqi

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Besnik Krasniqi Board member

Janine Mehmeti

Janine Mehmeti



Krenare Rugova

Krenare Rugova Dizajnere

Donjeta Sahatciu

Donjeta Sahatciu

Kreshnik Lleshi

Kreshnik Lleshi


Tech Workshop

Pas shtatë ditëve të punëtorisë, ku studentët ndjekën me përkushtim trajnimin në fushën e teknologjisë për gjuhën programuese Python, ata u certifikuan për aftësitë e marra gjatë këtij trajnimi.

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