Venture Incubation Program

Incubation Program includes the process of assessing student startup ideas and housing them at our venture incubator. Besides providing with space and computers, the incubation program also includes coaching by the VentureUP staff, mentoring by industry experts, and providing access to finance and investors.

The direct results of this program are innovative startups lead by UP students and new business created at the heart of the University of Prishtina, which in return create new job opportunities for the unemployed youth in Kosovo. Using an innovative and entrepreneurial approach, UP student startups will be in the upfront of changing Kosovo for the better and leading this transformation. This program offers:

     Direct Business Development Assistance

Business assistance will be given directly to the incubated startups from VentureUP staff in the form of a business idea assessment, coaching, and advice sessions.

      Business Idea Assessment

 VentureUP qualified staff consult and discuss potential ideas with student entrepreneurs before admission to the Incubation Program is granted. This consultation is focused on assessing the potential of each idea and the student teams, in order to improve the chances of success during and after the incubation period. This proves valuable especially with students who have business ideas but haven’t had the chance and means to conduct market research or develop prototypes. Students present their ideas and VentureUP staff guides students on understanding the big picture of their business idea. 


     Coaching and Administrative Support

As needed and available, VentureUP team members will meet with student entrepreneurs to coach them on specific tasks they struggle with. This includes but is not limited to hands-on tutoring of specific tasks, reminding of activities and coaching on steps to be taken to advance in developing of ideas.

      Startup Advice Sessions

This activity’s main purpose is to provide free advice to students and youth who are interested to or have begun their entrepreneurial journey. 


     Financial Support

      Presentations & Pitch Competitions

Another key skill entrepreneurs need to master, to become more convincible to potential investors, are presentation skills. Thus, VentureUP will organize multiple mock presentations for startups to practice and refine their pitch decks.

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