Research & Technology Development Program

University of Prishtina has over 15 laboratories from all faculties. These resources are being underutilized due to the lack of research and development projects. VentureUP aims at increasing the efficient use of research and development methods through initiating use of these labs to research. In a pool of around 10 thousand new students each year, University of Pristina has a huge potential in developing research projects that lead to efficient use of university resources as well as entice innovation.

VentureUP already has an agreement with the University of Pristina for access to all these labs. We believe that through unbureaucratic institutions like VentureUP, the University of Pristina will raise to the levels of competing with world universities not only with the skills they obtain during their education but also with value creating and innovation.

 In the current condition, it is very difficult for UP students to test their ideas in labs and their capacity and ideas go to waste. Through functionalizing and renovating UP labs, we provide an opportunity for UP students that they did not have for a very long time. An integrated university with extracurricular activities, access to additional external training, access to advanced workshops, access to finance, support for entrepreneurship ideas would not be complete without efficient use and access to laboratory facilities.

VentureUP will also provide access to these labs for all start-up participants. We believe that  as a result, the use of labs will lead to obtaining different  patents. Since these labs are being provided within the University of Pristina facilities, obtaining a patent will be a huge value for the university as they will now officially be the leading supporters of Research and Development, a component most valued in other western universities


     Resource Library Access

A crucial part of the developing of business ideas is proper market research and analysis. To do this, startups primarily rely on free databases and reports from the internet, which often do not provide up-to-date data and thus limits a startup’s ability to conduct thorough research on their industries of interest. Thus, VentureUP will purchase subscriptions of several licenses for use of international publications and databases. Subscriptions to publications may include: Harvard Business Review (HBR), IBISWorld, S&P Global Intelligence, Bloomberg Magazine, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, WIRE Magazine, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) and other specific resource databases that are proven valuable to the development of startups similar to those at VentureUP.

Initially, to optimize cost and ease of use, access to these e-resources will be provided on several in-house Venture UP computers, and will not be accessible for personal use outside the incubator.

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